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JMZ Steel and Supply

We supply all your steel and fence needs!

About JMZ  

We are a family-run steel warehouse located in Sacramento, California established in 2004 (formerly H.J. Ornamental Steel Supplies).  Our friendly staff try our very best to help you find the material you need to complete your project.  We understand the current economic situation is taking a toll on a lot of our customers, so we always keep our cost very competitive.  We are open to the public as well as to contractors.  If you are contemplating on finally putting up that steel fence you have always wanted, but don't know how much material you need, or are in need of an estimate on the material cost, no problem!  Come on in and we will have all the answers for you, free of charge! We also deliver for free to many areas if your order meet our minimum purchase amount .  Just give us a call, and we will give you a quote over the phone.  Also, please do come to the warehouse and check us out, so you can experience first-hand our great service and all the wonderful product we have to offer! 

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